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High Temperature Bently Extension Cable 2019-08-14
High temperature Bentley extension cable composition and its auditing measurement notes

The high temperature Bentley extension cable consists of a 3300 XL 25 mm sensor system consisting of a 3300 XL 25 mm front end, an extension cable and a separate 25 mm probe. The 0.787 V/mm (20 mV/mil) output provides a linear range of 12.7 mm (500 mil). Thanks to this linear range, the 3300 XL 25 mm sensor system is suitable for measuring differential expansion (DE) caused by different expansion rates of turbine rotors and machine stators (housings) on medium to large steam turbine generators.

The mounting method needs to be based on the estimated amount of rotor axial displacement available, the size of the target surface, and the type of DE target surface inside the machine (flange versus bevel). When the available flange height is sufficient, two sensors should be used to measure the same side of the flange. Both sensors will provide mutually redundant measurements.

The high temperature Bentley extension cable differential expansion measurement is achieved by two eddy current sensors that measure the flange or bevel at a distance from the thrust bearing. Typical sensor mounting methods include two compensating input sensors that measure the opposite side of the flange, effectively doubling the measurable DE range; two sensors measuring the same side of the flange.

At least one of the two sensors measures one ramp of the rotor and the other measures an independent ramp or a different position on the rotor to compensate for radial movement. This type of mounting introduces some error into the measurement, but is capable of measuring a longer total DE distance than the compensated measurement.

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