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The most well-known rearch result- 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019-10-19

On October 9, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was announced at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. On behalf of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Secretary-General Yoland Hansen announced that he would award the award to John B. Goodenough from the United States in 2019, Stanley from the United Kingdom. · Stanley Whittingham and Japan's Akira Yoshino to reward them for their contributions to the development of lithium-ion batteries.


This year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry is most well-known on public, and its research results are closest to our daily lives. The convenience that lithium batteries bring to human life is very obvious. The portable appliances that you are holding at the moment, the laptops on the desk, the pacemakers, etc., and the representatives of environmentally-friendly vehicles, electric cars, are all Turn on the lithium ion battery.